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AMALA stands for high-quality designer jewellery. It is multicoloured, humorous and lovable. From traditional materials such as gold, silver and diamonds the dipl. designer Sophia Amalaswintha Ernesta Wahl conjures up an incomparable collection using the material copolymer.

Copolymer is a high-quality plastic made from renewable raw materials. This plastic is manufactured by AMALA. At present it is available in eleven different, carefully selected colours. The matt surface bestows the individual pieces a completely special charm of their own.

Our brand AMALA is created and manufactured in our studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd in the heart of Suebia in a town renowned for its long history of silver and gold smiths. Each individual piece in our AMALA range is manufactured with care and love.

We will gladly answer any questions about our collection, or on request we can send you a press CD with further pictorial material. Please write to

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